Finding Counselor Jobs

There are many different types of counseling and counselor jobs available. You need only to think about the type of counselor you would like to be and ensure you have all of the personal, educational, and professional qualifications that would mean success to you and your respective clients throughout your counseling career. In general, educational requirements include the appropriate undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited college. Professional requirements for the most common types of counselors include counselor certification, state licensure, and a certain number of hours worked. Personal qualifications include a desire to help others.

A school or guidance counselor is one type of counseling job available. The role of a school counselor is to help students achieve academically, develop socially and as a person, and consider career options where the students will lead productive, stable, adult lives. School-based counselors work at all levels and provide services that are appropriate to the age and needs of the respective student body. School counselors earn a median annual wage of $59,000 per year, although they can earn additional income if they work during the summer months when school is not in session. Individuals interested in finding a job as a school counselor should check with their state’s Board of Education or directly with a school district.

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Some counselors provide marriage, relationship, and family counseling services. These counselors focus on recognizing and understanding their clients’ issues and symptoms and how they interact with others in their current environment. Ultimately, marriage and family counselors help their clients improve communication and understanding among all family members and teach them how to avoid family and/or emotional problems. These counselors work in state or local government facilities, family services organizations, or have their own private practice. The median annual wage for marriage and family counselors is approximately $46,000, although private practice counselors can earn much more.

Finding Counselor Jobs

Other counselors treat substance abuse and behavioral disorders, helping those who have problems with drugs or alcohol, gambling, or eating. The client is counseled to recognize and identify the negative behaviors and problems that lead them to their addiction. Counselors then develop a recovery program that addresses the individual’s unique needs, so that they develop healthy behaviors that help them deal with their issue. The median annual wage for substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors is approximately $39,000. These counseling jobs can be found in hospitals, outpatient care centers, family services organizations, and local government facilities.

Mental health counselors treat emotional disorders such as depression, trauma, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and grief. They work with individuals and families as they promote mental health and well-being. They often work with other mental health specialists such as social workers or school counselors. Mental health counselors work in local government facilities, outpatient care centers, family services organizations, or in the offices of other health professionals. The median annual wage for these counselors is approximately $38,000.

Another important type of counselor is a rehabilitation counselor . These counselors help people who have physical and/or emotional disabilities and who suffer personally or socially from these disabilities. The counselor first evaluates the individual’s strengths as well as their limitations and then provides the necessary personal and/or vocational counseling and support. Rehabilitation counselors work with many others in the course of providing treatment, for example, the individual’s family, schools, physicians, and even employers. In essence, these counselors help disabled individuals live independently. The median annual wage for rehabilitation counselors is approximately $32,000K. Jobs for rehabilitation counselors can be found in mental health facilities, state and local government agencies, and vocational rehabilitation centers.

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